( The backlash against Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo keeps on growing, and yet another report now offers more reason for the public to be angry. The far-left New York Times reported that Cuomo’s “bullying” is pushing some people over the edge and that he threatened to publicly compare an opponent to a “child rapist.”

It’s just one more example of Cuomo abusing his power as governor, following reports of over half a dozen women accusing him of sexual assault and harassment.

In the New York Times podcast, an audio clip of Cuomo also confirms his tendency to bully and intimidate, and shows just how low the left-wing politician is willing to go to attack his political opponents. The report also describes a New York City wedding of two former Cuomo administration officials, during which other officials and colleagues suggested that Cuomo had verbally abused them.

During the event, which was said to be attended heavily by workers in the New York state government, a guest who had previously worked for Cuomo asked people to raise their hand if they have been “yelled at or bullied by Andrew Cuomo.”

“Hands shot up across the room, as laughter rolled through the crowd, according to two people who attended the wedding,” the report claims.

The Times then claimed that accounts described times that the governor berated elected officials and aides, bringing people to tears, threatening to end their careers, and threatened to fire them.

“People outside the governor’s direct control who have clashed with him said he told them they would be subject to negative news stories or political challenges or, in one case, would be publicly likened to a “child rapist,’” the report continued.

Karen Hinton, a former communications consultant who worked alongside Cuomo when he worked in the Clinton administration, said that his “primary tool for governing is to create fear.”

Cuomo’s real attitude and his tendency to bully and abuse staff has been revealed in several media reports this year. It stands in stark contrast to coverage of Cuomo’s work during 2020, when he was widely hailed as being one of the most successful and compassionate governors overseeing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, Cuomo’s office purposely withheld data showing just how many people died in New York nursing homes as a result of his March 2020 order to send infected patients into the facilities that care for old and vulnerable people.