“Back To The Future” Star Sends Tunnel Hint To Elon Musk

A tweet from “Back to the Future” actor Christopher Lloyd on Sunday went viral because it showed him in the iconic DeLorean he drove.

When the 84-year-old actor posted a selfie of himself in Michigan at the wheel of a DeLorean shown at the Motor City Comic Con throughout the weekend, he immediately became the center of attention.

A report shows the actor, who is most known for his role as Emmett “Doc” Brown, the inventor of the time machine automobile, had tweeted: Roads? Perhaps tunnels?
And he tagged Elon Musk.

The tunnels remark was made in reference to Musk’s plans to construct a system of tunnels to alleviate gridlock in densely populated areas. His firm is now engaged in the construction of tunnels in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area.

According to an entertainment report, if a film mogul wants to bring back “Back to the Future” without the original cast, Michael J. Fox says he would be fine with it.

Fox said he was okay with it and joked that he had already been fully compensated.

Even so, it doesn’t imply he endorses the plan. Fox also suggests that the trilogy’s director, Robert Zemeckis, and co-writer, Bob Gale, wouldn’t be for it.

On the other hand, Christopher Lloyd is more receptive to the idea of setting up the DeLorean for another trip across time and space.

Lloyd said that a sequel was something he would love to pursue but that he believed producer Steven Spielberg and director Bob Zemeckis considered the tale was concluded in the three episodes. However, a fourth film might be made if someone comes up with a fantastic concept.

Lloyd believes he has discovered what makes his relationship with Fox so compelling.
The two of them seemed to get along well. Having Michael as an acting companion alleviated whatever difficulties they may have encountered.