Bannon Believes Biden Is Leading “Set Up” Conspiracy To Target Him

( The day before the full House voted on his contempt of Congress referral, podcaster Steve Bannon invited Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz on his show to explain why he believes Bannon’s contempt charge was a “set up” and discuss with Gaetz his theory that Joe Biden is somehow involved.

Gaetz told Bannon that what he believed they were witnessing was a “stitched together” plot to persecute Bannon. He explained that the timing of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appearance before the House Judiciary Committee on the same day as the full House vote was done on purpose.

Gaetz accused the administration of “trying to create a wholly-enclosed ecosystem of the political persecution” using the Congress as well as the enforcement tools of the Justice Department.

Well, yes. That’s how Contempt of Congress works. Congress can’t charge with contempt. All they can do is make a referral for Contempt of Congress to the Justice Department which does have the authority to charge someone. The administration didn’t “create” that “ecosystem.” That “ecosystem” is just how it works.

That isn’t to say that the Democrats aren’t using the existing system to target their political opposition. No doubt they are. As Congressman Jim Banks argued during Thursday’s debate, the only reason Democrats are singling out Steve Bannon is that he has become a “Democrat Party boogieman.”

Gaetz also accused Merrick Garland of “possibly” having an axe to grind because Mitch McConnell refused to hold hearings when Obama nominated him to the Supreme Court.

Bannon asked Congressman Gaetz if he believes President Biden was interfering with his case when Biden told reporters last week that people who defy subpoenas from the January 6 Select Committee should be prosecuted – a statement Biden later walked back.

Gaetz accused Biden of gaslighting the Justice Department. Seriously? Biden couldn’t generate a spark, let alone gaslight anyone.

He argued that Biden making that statement will make it more difficult for the Justice Department to remain out of the political fray.

Watch the interview HERE.