Barack Obama Up To Outrageous Ploy To Call Donald Trump A Continued “Threat”

( Not to be left out of the Democrats’ big celebration and day-long campaign event on January 6, former President Barack Obama issued a statement whining about the “sizable portion” of the American people who believe the 2020 election was hinky.

And because so many Americans think 2020 wasn’t on the up-and-up, Obama thinks they agree with the rioters who stormed the Capitol. And for that reason, Obama warned, “our democracy is at greater risk today” than it was on January 6.

Since “our democracy” wasn’t at risk on January 6, that’s not saying much.

But histrionics were the order of the day on the anniversary of the three-hour riot.

Obama accused state legislatures who have passed election integrity laws of being just like the rioters who stormed the Capitol. Naturally, he accused these states of making it “harder to vote.” Which, if you legally shouldn’t be voting, is true. Preserving the integrity of our elections will make it harder for people who shouldn’t vote to vote. But for Obama, that’s a bad thing.

Like every other Democrat on the January 6 anniversary, Obama also tried to paint Republicans as being in league with the “insurrectionists.” He bemoaned the fate of those poor Republicans who “courageously stood their ground” against the “anti-democratic efforts,” kvetching that they are now being “ostracized, primaried, and driven from the party.” But enough about Liz Cheney.

Then, Barack dropped the veil completely by accusing “one of our two major political parties” of trying to undermine democracy here in the United States.

Sure, Jan.

Obama, the architect of the Trump/Russia collusion hoax, concluded by saying that we can’t have leaders who are “willing to fabricate lies” or “cast doubt on the results of free and fair elections.”

For four years, thanks to Obama and his intelligence community, the Democrats cast doubt on the results of the 2016 election. But since when has Barack Obama ever practiced what he preaches?