Barack Obama’s Mansion Construction Launched Despite Scandals Surrounding His Property

( Former President Barack Obama raised the cost of healthcare and did little to improve the lives of working-class Americans during his eight years in office, but at least he’s having fun building new mansions and living a life of luxury.

TMZ reports that Obama’s brand-new Hawaiian mansion is almost complete. The site published a series of photographs, which you can see here, showing how the lavish new home is nearly ready to be moved into.

Reports also suggest that the property may be intended for Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama to live in as their enter their retirement years.

The building is surrounded by three acres of land in the Waimanalo region of the island of Oahu. The land was purchased in 2015 for a whopping $8.7 million.

Must be nice for them, right?

Now that the property is virtually finished, teams of landscapers have arrived to start creating the gardens. It means that the house will likely be ready for them to both move into this summer.

The former president himself also reportedly visited the property recently, taking a look at the progress made so far.

However, it looks like he may face some pushback from people he imagined were on his side. Environmentalists have reportedly criticized the new home after Obama allegedly used a loophole to keep a seawall on his property – something environmentalists say is corroding the natural coastline.

It looks like Obama has a new hiding place just in time for World War 3.