Belarusian Dictator Alexander Lukashenko Plotted To Assassinate Critics (REPORT)

( If you thought American politics was getting wild, take a look at what’s happening in Belarus.

New reports reveal how secretly recorded audio from 2012 appears to reveal how Vadim Zaitsev, who was at the time a KGB chairman, plotting to kill the political enemies and critics of Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

The audio revealed how Lukashenko planned to remove his critics in true Soviet style, with Zaitsev telling officers of the KGB Alpha Group to “take down” Pavel Sheremet, an investigative journalist from Belarus. Sheremet was described in the audio as a “f*cking rat.”

The audio was obtained by the EUObserver, which published transcripts and a 24-minute clip in which Zaitsev can also be heard calling the journalist a “massive pain in the arse.”

“We’ll plant [a bomb] and so on and this f*cking rat will be taken down in f*cking pieces – legs in one direction, arms in the other direction,” he can be heard saying.

Zaitsev then suggested they should not attempt to cover up the assassination and should ensure people know it was done deliberately.

“If everything [looks like] natural causes, it won’t get into people’s minds the same way,” he continued.

Sheremet was living in Russia at the time the recording was made and was later killed in a car bomb attack in 2016 in Kiev, Ukraine.

While the case has not yet been solved, it is understood, according to media reports, that Belarus put Sheremet under observation when he was living in Moscow.

In the shocking audio clip, Zaitsev can also be heard telling agents that more than $1.5 million was put into a bank account that would finance the assassination of critics of the Belarusian president. He told officers that he “wanted to see results.”

Zaitsev even reportedly said that he intended to assassinate three of Lukashenko’s top critics who had fled the country for Germany where they lived in Exile. These included former prison director Oleg Alkaev, former colonel Vladimir Borodach, and former anti-corruption chief Vyacheslav Dudkin.

He also reminded people that the assassinations could leave no direct trace.

“It’s important to me that no one even thinks about the KGB,” he said. “It’s clear how we could drown or shoot someone. It’s clear. But how to initiate a chance explosion, how to start arson and not leave traces, murder, and stuff like that, this is unclear.”

If the left want to see what a real dictator looks like, they should stop focusing so much on President Donald Trump and turn their focus to Belarus.