Ben Carson Says Liberal Decision Will Lead To More Criminal Actions

( Ben Carson recently appeared on Newsmax to talk about Chicago’s extremely serious crime problem, and it made us realize just how much we miss him as the Housing and Urban Development Secretary.

The famed neurosurgeon, former Trump administration official and 2016 presidential candidate told Newsmax that Chicago is experiencing such a dramatic rise in crime because “we have turned our backs” on the nation’s police officers.

Speaking to Cortes & Pellegrino, Carson said that the truth is that large cities are “run by progressives” and people are increasingly turning their backs on the nation’s police.

“The police don’t seem to have any backing,” he said, before adding that the result is that people who experience interpersonal relationship issues are taking matters into their own hands instead of speaking to the police.

He said that it’s a “real significant problem” but that, unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we’ve seen the worst of it.

Carson said that unless something is done soon, big cities will experience the “wild west” and that everyone will have to resolve issues on their own.

The interview, which you can watch here, came as the Chicago Sun-Times reported that some 798 people have been murdered in Chicago in the last year alone. Between 2019 and 2020, homicides increased by over 50%.

They can’t blame that one on former President Donald Trump, when it’s only happening in Democrat-run cities…