Ben Carson Says Our Country Has Entered A “Dangerous Stage”

( Former presidential candidate and Secretary for Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, slammed the Biden administration’s decision to extend an eviction moratorium in areas with high COVID-19 infection rates.

The decision, which was widely seen as a compromise with his party after the most radically left-wing Democrats called for a full eviction moratorium to be extended nationally, means that landlords across the United States are still unable to evict tenants who have refused to pay their rent…whether they have been affected by the COVID pandemic or not.

Speaking to Fox & Friends First on Friday, Carson said that he is concerned that rules like this go against the founding principles of the United States – specifically, the desire by settlers in the United States to escape the “heavy foot of government.”

He described how the Biden administration is inserting itself into every area of our lives, including the relationships between landlords and tenants.

Carson also acknowledged that when the moratorium was first put in place, the United States was at a very different stage with the pandemic. It was “uncharted waters” and nobody wanted to see people out on the street and losing their homes while a new disease was tearing through our communities.

However, not that the disease is “largely under control,” Carson said that there are lots of jobs available for people and the moratorium is creating a new, permanent underclass of people who have become dependent on the government.

Don’t you miss Ben Carson? His ability to just tell the truth in a polite and honest way is refreshing.

He added that if the federal government is admitting that their decision to extend the moratorium may be illegal but that they are doing it anyway, it could be leading the United States “to a place that we don’t want to be.”

You can watch the interview here.