Ben Shapiro Offers To Help Dave Chappelle

( After comedian Dave Chappelle announced in a video on Monday that the film industry has blacklisted a documentary he produced, currently untitled, conservative media commentator and head of The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, suggested he could step in to help.

Following the backlash of Chappelle’s latest comedy special on Netflix from radical trans activists, Chappelle has faced a barrage of abuse and attacks. He said that the backlash was being driven by large corporations that have little to do with the LGBT communication, and said that he’s having trouble getting a new documentary aired.

After several major platforms promised to air the documentary, which was filmed last year during the height of the pandemic, they later pulled out following the Netflix controversy.

In a video posted to social media, Chappelle said that in the summer of 2020 when the whole world was shut down, he was outside doing shows. His neighbor, he said, had a cornfield and allowed him to host shows there. People reportedly came from all over the country to attend the shows, with some of the best comedians in the world coming to visit too.

“I made a whole documentary about it,” he said. The first night of those shows is a piece some of you might have seen. It was called ‘8:46’ and it dealt with the death, the murder of George Floyd…This film that I made was invited to every film festival in the United States and some of those invitations I accepted.”

Given Chappelle’s popularity, you’d think any network would be more than willing to air it – but after triggering the trans mob, it seems not.

Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro tweeted in response to the news, “Happy to take a look over here, Dave.”

Could The Daily Wire be on the verge of starting a new TV and film empire?