Bernie Sanders Hands Biden a Massive Endorsement

Bernie Sanders has asked progressive supporters in the United States to band together to support Joe Biden rather than giving any of his Democratic primary competitors any consideration because the risk of having another president similar to Donald Trump is too significant.

Sanders believes that the former president is dangerous because of his authoritarian tendencies and lack of belief in democracy. He thinks the most important thing that can be done right now is to bring progressives from all around the nation into a formidable bloc.

Over ninety criminal charges have been brought against Donald Trump, including his attempts to overturn his loss to Joe Biden in 2020, his illegal retention of confidential data, and his hush money payments to the porn actress Stormy Daniels. Yet, according to recent surveys, Donald Trump continues to maintain a commanding lead over his rivals in the Republican primary for the presidency despite the extraordinary legal threat that is now facing him.

Hillary Clinton edged out Sanders for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 White House race won by Trump. Sanders was again defeated by Biden in the 2020 White House race. The senator from Vermont has been accused of only backing Biden, a bad candidate by his standards, because he thinks Trump would be a danger to democracy.

Sanders responded to these criticisms on CNN’s State of the Union program. He said that in light of the current predicament, it is reasonable to wonder if democracy will continue to exist in the United States of America. He contended that Donald Trump does not believe in democracy, whether women should continue to have autonomy over their bodies, whether social justice exists in the United States, and whether intolerance should be eradicated.

Meanwhile, it’s been widely reported that Hillary Clinton muscled Sanders out of the primary in less than democratic fashion. Sanders sounds exceptionally hypocritical.

Sanders also proposed putting pressure on Biden to address greed in corporate America and disparities in income and wealth throughout the United States. He implied that he would push Biden to “take on the billionaire class” and called for the government of the United States to seize one hundred percent of any money made by Americans with an annual income of more than $999 million.