Biden Admin Recommends Possible Poisoning Substance For Child Consumption

Suppose one requires additional evidence of the influence of radical political activists and the dangers of excessive wokeness on public health in the United States. In that case, one should consider the following: The practice of “chestfeeding” has been officially supported by the CDC.

The Food and Drug Administration does not recommend using domperidone, an anti-nausea medication that stimulates hormone synthesis, for nursing mothers. Yet, men are using the drug, and they produce milk. Then they “chestfeed.”

The CDC appears to disregard this. Doctors have limited knowledge about the potential reactions of frail infants to breast milk produced by men.

Our infants are being used as experimental guinea pigs. Dr. Stuart Fischer, an internal medicine doctor in New York City, stated that it is an emerging field.

How can we determine the long-term impact of breast milk from trans women, given the limited number of studies conducted on this topic? The immediate effects may be manageable, but the long-term impact on your body and mind is uncertain.

Breastfeeding can be psychologically and physically taxing, as any mother will attest. It takes time for milk to come in and for the baby to become comfortable latching on after birth. Once you overcome that obstacle, you will be awake throughout the night, caring for your baby. That is not all, however.

Doctors advise against consuming alcoholic beverages and pain relievers such as aspirin. And keep a watchful eye on what you eat. The infant may experience spit-up when the mother consumes certain foods that can cause stomach discomfort.

Women follow a routine to safeguard their newborns, but we are expected to believe that chemically modified breast milk produced by a biological man is equally safe.

Trans women commonly utilize a range of potent medications for an extended period to attain their desired gender presentation. These medications include anti-androgens to reduce testosterone levels, estrogen, and progesterone to achieve a feminine appearance.

Why would the CDC approve anything without disclosing the risks involved?

Dr. Fischer remarked that this is the type of issue where politics and science are awkwardly thrown together.