Biden Administration No Longer Considers Terrorism Dangerous

( The Biden administration, via CIA Director William Burns, just suggested that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are no longer considered to be the most dangerous terrorist organizations operating internationally. It’s a shocking announcement and one that we could look at in a couple of ways.

The first is that the Biden administration and the Democrats have long tried to portray right-wing activists and Republicans as the greatest terror threat to the United States, attempting to portray the far-right and far-left violence that occurred in Washington, D.C. on January 6 as a Republican “insurrection.”

However, the news could also be viewed in another way – that former President Donald Trump’s policies hurt ISIS and Al Qaeda so badly that these international terrorist organizations no longer have the power they used to have.

Which would be good news.

CIA Director Burns made the claim during the Annual Threat Assessment for the U.S. Intelligence Community, which was released on Tuesday night.

The report revealed that why ISIS and Al Qaeda remain a threat to the United States, their capacity to direct serious attacks towards Western nations has diminished. Instead, ISIS is now believed to be focusing on waging a “prolonged insurgency in Iraq and Syria and leading its global organization, despite compounding senior leadership losses.”

And, while the West has seen fewer ISIS attacks since they peaked in 2017, those attacks “remain a high priority for the group.”

“ISIS-inspired attacks very likely will remain the primary ISIS threat to the US homeland this year, rather than plots operationally supported or directed by ISIS, given the logistical and security challenges the group would need to overcome to deploy and support attackers in the United States,” the report added.

So, rather than simply stating that these organizations no longer pose a threat, the report seems to suggest that the capacity of these terrorist organizations has been so seriously impacted – by the policies of the Trump administration – that the attacks are increasingly difficult for the terror organizations to pull off.

Avril Haines, the Director of National Intelligence, supported the report’s assessment on Wednesday during testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“So with regard to global terrorism, ISIS and Al-Qaeda remain the most pressing threats to US interests overseas as was noted,” she said. “These groups seek to conduct attacks inside the United States, but sustained counter terrorism pressure has broadly degraded their capabilities.”

Can the Biden administration make its mind up on this?