Biden Announces Replacement To Head Secret Service

( The new director of the U.S. Secret Service will be Kim Cheatle, President Joe Biden revealed on Wednesday.

Before switching to the private sector, Cheatle spent more than 25 years working for the Secret Service, including time spent on Joe Biden’s security detail while he served as vice president in the Obama administration.

In a statement, Biden said, “I am happy to announce that I have chosen Kim Cheatle to be the next Director of the United States Secret Service.”

He said he and Jill are aware of Kim’s dedication to her work and to the Secret Service’s personnel and purpose. They learned to trust Kim’s judgment and advice when she was a member of my security detail while he was Vice President. He said she is a renowned member of the law enforcement community with outstanding leadership abilities, and it was clear that she was the most exemplary candidate to head the Secret Service at this crucial time.

“I have great faith in her, and I am looking forward to collaborating with her,” Biden said.

There is no need for Senate confirmation for this office.

Cheatle is a senior director of PepsiCo North America and is currently in charge of facilities, employees, and business continuity. Before that, she worked as an assistant director for the U.S. Secret Service’s Office of Protective Operations.

The White House said that Cheatle held a number of leadership roles during her time with the U.S. Secret Service. She will fill the position of the second lady.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of homeland security, hailed Cheatle as a “seasoned leader” who will offer a “new perspective” to the position.

Mayorkas stated on Wednesday, “I commend President Biden on the nomination of Kimberly Cheatle to serve as the new Director of the U.S. Secret Service.

Cheatle has “deep knowledge and comprehension,” according to Mayorkas, of the organization and its goals.

The Secret Service will be able to build on its solid basis and expand and evolve into an even more effective agency thanks to her skillset and new perspective, he continued.
I appreciate that Director Cheatle answered the call to serve the public again, and I look forward to working with him to promote the mission of the US Secret Service.

Jim Murray, the departing director, was recognized by Mayorkas and Biden for his nearly 40 years of service to the nation.