Biden Announces “Time Of War” Over Gas Prices

( Last Wednesday, President Biden delivered a speech on high gas prices where he blamed oil companies, Vladimir Putin, and gas station owners for the skyrocketing prices at the pump.

The president demanded that gas stations better lower the price of gas when the cost of oil comes down.

Yeah, really.

Does the president not know that there is a difference between crude oil and refined gasoline? Does he have any comprehension of how the futures market or small businesses work?

The president claimed that the price of oil had fallen over $10 a barrel in the previous two weeks and that should’ve dropped the price at the pump by 25 cents a gallon. But, the dimwitted old man added, some gas stations only reduced the price by a few cents while others didn’t reduce the price at all.

The president, who apparently thinks the United States is at war, told gas station owners, “this is a time of war, global peril, Ukraine.” (“Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!”) He ordered them to bring down their price at the pump and “do it now.”

Most gas stations are independently operated and on average earn a net profit of about 2 cents a gallon. Is the President of the United States telling those gas station owners to give up what little profit they make just because he tells them to?

Is it any wonder the economy is in the shape it’s in?

Nobody in this administration has an earthly clue about how the economy works.

But Joe Biden would rather blame mom & pop gas station owners than take a single ounce of responsibility for the disaster he’s caused.