Biden Bank Records Show CCP Money Pouring In 

( A Chinese energy business sent $3 million to a company controlled by a friend of President Joe Biden’s family shortly after Biden’s vice presidential tenure expired. 

According to reports, the associate’s firm account started transferring to three distinct Biden family member accounts the following day after receiving the cash. 

According to reports, this was made public lately by the House Oversight Committee after the Treasury Department provided the required suspicious activity reports on the president and his family. 

Secretary Janet Yellen has given the House Oversight Committee’s Republican leadership the suspicious activity reports and other bank papers they had been requesting for the last couple of months. 

To prove the Bidens’ links to the Chinese Communist Party, Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have been working with four witnesses with solid ties to the family. 

Chairman James Comer has discreetly issued a subpoena to Bank of America for data connected to three of Hunter Biden’s business acquaintances. 

The subpoena has requested “all financial documents” dating back 14 years. 

According to a person with knowledge of the situation, they confirmed that Bank of America has handed over a large volume of documents in response to the subpoena. 

It is said in the letter that US citizen John Robinson “Rob” Walker and other allies of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, created “a joint venture” with officials of CEFC China Energy, a bankrupt Chinese energy firm. 

Comer’s probe into the economic transactions of the Biden family has reached a new level of intensity with the issuance of this broad subpoena. The Republican from Kentucky has said that gaining access to the Biden family’s and its business allies’ financial records is a high priority in his quest to probe allegations of influence peddling, particularly regarding any of the Bidens’ international commercial dealings.  

The president claims nothing to do with his son’s international business transactions.