Biden Cabinet Picks Slammed As “Divisive” And “Baffling”

( Despite repeatedly painting himself as the candidate of “unity” and “healing,” newly-inaugurated President Joe Biden’s cabinet picks are causing a huge amount of division even in his own party and among left-wing media circles.

On Tuesday, former Health and Human Services Secretary Roger Severino described the decision to appoint California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to lead his old agency as divisive, noting that Becerra doesn’t even have a background in health care. Instead, Severino suggested that Becerra was chosen because he was a regular antagonist and critic of the agency during the Trump administration.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris making decisions based on petty rivalry? Surely not…

White House Press secretary Jen Psaki firmly denied any such suggestion, claiming that Becerra is just a good candidate for the job.

“Well, first, I would say that the president nominated Attorney General Becerra because he felt he was exactly the right person to lead the Department of Health and Human Services at this time,” Psaki said.

“And that his work on a range of issues, including in working to pass the Affordable Care Act, including his defense of the Affordable Care Act on a number of cases in California, were certainly part of that decision,” she said.

But even newspapers representing firmly left-wing areas of California, Becerra’s home state, slammed the decision. The Sacramento Bee said that usually HHS secretaries are expected to have “substantial experience in management or the health care field.”

Which Becerra…does not have.

The San Diego Union-Tribune also described the decision as “baffling,” wondering why Biden would “choose an HHS chief with no public health experience.”

Becerra does, however, have experience filing lawsuits to spite former President Donald Trump, with the state spending $41 million to target the former president in various lawsuits.

Even Pete Buttigieg, the former presidential candidate and Mayor of South Bend, has caused a stir after he was nominated by Biden to become the next Transportation Secretary. It’s yet another example of Biden appointing people to his cabinet based on anything but relevant experience.

One America News pointed out that Buttigieg will now oversee a budget that is 9,000 times larger than the South Bend transportation budget.

We now have four years to see just how much damage can be done by making decisions about cabinet appointees based on how firmly anti-Trump the candidates are.

You know, because…unity and healing.