Biden Changes Messaging On COVID

( Say, remember during the 2020 election when Joe Biden repeatedly claimed he would “shut down the virus?”


In July, President Biden bragged that America is “closer than ever” to declaring independence from the virus.

Also in July, Biden proclaimed victory, saying the virus “no longer controls our lives.”

Now we know Joe Biden’s victory lap was a wee bit premature.

Not only has he not “shut down the virus,” but more people have died of COVID during the 11 months Joe Biden has been president than died in the year Trump was dealing with COVID. The milder but highly transmissible Omicron variant is causing case numbers to surge. And now some in the White House think it’s time for the Biden administration to lower expectations.

So no more “freedom from the virus.” Instead, these White House officials think President Biden should start telling the American people that we need to learn to live with a virus that isn’t going away.

Ya think?

Viruses don’t go away. Anybody who understands science already knew that. That’s why Joe Biden’s promise to “shut down the virus” was so laughably ridiculous. The Biden Team set the bar unrealistically high from the start.

The problem wasn’t Biden’s silly promises. The problem has always been that this White House is incapable of honest, consistent messaging about COVID. What’s more, their efforts to boost vaccination rates have often been complicated by their mixed messaging.

In short, Joe Biden’s handling of the pandemic has been an utter disaster from day one.

Despite the Omicron variant being far milder and resulting in far fewer hospitalizations, President “I’m Going to Shut Down the Virus” has demonized unvaccinated Americans and offered them a winter of “illness and death.”

There’s no guarantee that changing course and shifting the narrative will be any less of a failure than anything else this White House has tried. Because at the end of the day, whatever message they land on will end up being bungled by this incompetent administration.