Biden Claims Nobody Will Have To Pay Taxes Who Makes Over $400,000 Per Year

( President Joe Biden made yet another embarrassing gaffe this week, and as usual, it was a result of not using a teleprompter during a speech.

During a trip to Virginia with his wife Jill, President Biden attempted to promote his “Getting America Back on Track” plan, which includes a multi-trillion dollar “infrastructure” bill the aims to completely revamp America’s economy and shift to a radical “Green New Deal” era.

Speaking at the Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, the president attempted to promote the so-called “infrastructure” plan and wrongly claimed that anybody making under $400,000 wouldn’t have to pay taxes.

“Anybody making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes,” Biden claimed.

If that were true, then Biden probably would have won the Republican vote…

Can you imagine if Trump made a bluff like that? The Democrats would call him mentally unfit to lead and impeach him again!

President Joe Biden was attempting to make the same promise he did during his campaign, which is that anybody earning less than $400,000 will not have to pay a penny more in taxes. His claim was flawed then, and it’s even more flawed now.

Not only will Americans end up paying more in taxes as soon as the Biden administration reverses Trump’s tax cuts, but the White House has already reneged on the promise of not raising taxes for anyone earning less than $400,000 by admitting they actually mean couples.

“If you’re a two-income household making $200,000 each, you could get whacked,” the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal wrote in April.

“This is a familiar tax bait and switch. Democrats promise they’ll tax only the rich, but there aren’t enough rich, and the rich don’t have enough money to finance the Democratic Party’s endless spending schemes,” the board added.

This week Psaki finally admitted that the Biden administration had once again reconsidered its tax policy, with the $400,000 policy not extending to families. Instead, if two people who are married each earn $400,000, then the tax increase will come into effect at $500,000.

Does Biden ever stop lying?