Biden Confirms “Quiet Part”

( Last week while in Japan, President Biden inadvertently admitted the truth about skyrocketing gas prices.

It’s by design.

During a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida last Monday, the president was asked to address the record-high prices at the pump. Rather than blame Russian President Vladimir Putin or Big Oil price gouging, Biden acknowledged that his administration is driving up the price of gas to force the country to “transition” to alternative energy.

The president said America is “going through an incredible transition,” and “when it’s over,” the whole world will be “less reliant on fossil fuels.”

Now, most people already knew that this administration was crushing Americans under the weight of gas prices on purpose. All Joe Biden did was confirm it.

In every state in the nation, gas is well over $4.00 a gallon. In some parts of the country, like California, the average price of gas exceeds $6.00.

Biden also claimed that he’s taken steps to keep the price of gas from going higher, namely by releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. But that isn’t so much taking steps as it is trying to extinguish a forest fire with a mouthful of spit.

At the end of the day, the Biden administration doesn’t want to take any measurable steps to bring the price of gas down because forcing the price up is precisely the point.

The pain is the point.

Rather than let a “transition” happen naturally through the free market, the Biden administration wants to beat the country into submission to force a transition we aren’t prepared to make.

Is it any wonder a growing number of Americans don’t believe Joe Biden cares about them?