Biden Delays VP Announcement Again…What Are They Hiding?

( Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden still doesn’t have a running mate. The former vice president, who has rarely been seen out of his home or basement in recent months, has a team of Democrat officials vigorously performing background checks on non-white women in the background in the hopes of finding a candidate who can balance out the fact that he is a senile, old, white man.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the announcement of Biden’s running mate has been delayed by another week, and is now expected to take place in the second week of August. It follows the floating of California Democrat Rep. Karen Bass and former U.N. ambassador Susan Rice was met with minimal excitement.

The Chronicle reported that the presumptive Democratic nominee initially said he would announce his running mate on August 1st, but told reporters on Tuesday that he would actually be making up his mind by August 8. That would make it the end of the first week of August, but people familiar with the Biden campaign’s VP search committee said that it is unlikely to come by then and will hopefully be the second week of August instead.

Biden’s team is no doubt having a difficult time choosing the right candidate. Far-left Democrats demand that Biden doesn’t choose his candidate based on ability, but instead on race. If Biden doesn’t choose a non-white woman as his running mate, then he will face a huge backlash from progressives in the party who already aren’t exactly his biggest fans. If he goes with the easy choice, Senator Kamala Harris, then he’s presented with the problem of her being a former prosecutor.

Democrats don’t like law and order these days, in case you haven’t heard!

After floating Karen Bass as a possible running mate, comments made by the California Representative to a gathering of Scientologists were unearthed. She once told a Scientologist event that the “Church of Scientology I know has made a difference, because your creed is a universal creed and one that speaks to all people everywhere.”

Bass was forced to backtrack, sort of, by making the point that she worships as a Christian at the First New Christian Fellowship Baptist Church in South Los Angeles.

Susan Rice hasn’t exactly been popular either, given her defense of the Obama administration following terror attacks in Benghazi that killed four Americans.

Whoever Biden picks, it looks like he’s going to have problems.