Biden Drops His Cheat Cards During Interview

( Last week, Jake Tapper debuted his new CNN primetime show with an exclusive interview with Joe Biden, no doubt believing scoring the President of the United States would be a ratings bonanza.

He was wrong.

Either despite or because of Biden, Tapper’s new show landed in third place behind Fox News and MSNBC.

Tapper’s “CNN Tonight,” which airs at 9:00 pm, drew a measly 854,000 viewers, meaning Biden isn’t even a draw for the CNN audience. Fox’s “Hannity” topped the hour with 2.6 million viewers while MSNBC’s Alex Wagner drew 1.586 million viewers.

Of course, Tapper might have done better if his interview of the least popular president in modern history hadn’t been such a softball affair.

Joe Biden made some unbelievably ridiculous claims none of which were challenged by the supposed “hard-hitting newsman.”

At one point, the president denied that the US is currently in a recession and claimed that if we do go into a recession, it will only be a slight one.

When Tapper brought up the recent reports that his son Hunter will likely face charges related to the tax fraud and money laundering investigation, Biden blamed Hunter’s past problems on drugs and claimed he had straightened himself out.

Did Tapper follow up? Did he challenge him at all?

Of course not.

At one point during the interview, old Joe dropped his note cards.

Rather than ask the president why he was using note cards for an interview, Jake helped Joe pick them back up and said not one thing about it.

This is the man whose staff provide him with crib notes including instructions like, “YOU take YOUR seat,” “YOU thank participants,” and “YOU depart.”

You would think a “hard-hitting newsman” like Jake Tapper would challenge the president on why he has crib notes for an interview.