Biden Gives China Full Access In Dangerous Move

( President Joe Biden is leading the way in bridging divides between the United States and China, without actually requiring the communist dictatorship to end its constant human rights abuses and efforts to undermine American national security.

In an executive order issued in late January, the new president ordered the federal government to purchase carbon-free power and electric cars. Buried in the text the order was a provision that suspends an important security measure put in place by former President Donald Trump in May last year for some 90 days.

Executive Order 13920, signed by President Trump, declared a national emergency relating to the United States electric grid. The order stopped China from installing “bulk-power electric equipment” that is “designed, developed, manufactured, or supplied, by persons owned by, controlled by, or subject to the jurisdiction or direction of a foreign adversary.”

The executive order shouldn’t have been controversial, but President Biden suspended it for three months anyway, with no promise of returning to any policy that stops foreign adversaries from having major investments or even control of the American power grid.

Last year, reports revealed how the United States seized a transformer that was built in China when officials discovered that the electronics had been “secretly given malicious capabilities, possibly allowing a distant adversary to monitor or even disable it on command.”

President Trump’s order was issued in response to these reports and ensured that the American power grid could be in no way monitored, manipulated, or switched off by communist China.

Under President Joe Biden, China will once again be able to invest in the U.S. power grid and infest the system with potentially compromised equipment.

China has a long history of trying to hack into the American grid. Back in 2001, China was caught attempting to gain access to the grid, and since 2014, the Russians have been doing the same, according to cybersecurity expert Joseph Weiss.

China’s People’s Liberation Army is expected to become the largest and most powerful in a matter of years. The country also has the largest navy in the world, and the United States Defense Department revealed in 2019 that China expects to expand its military bases to the Western Pacific, Middle East, and Pakistan.

The news that Biden gave China control of the United States power grid was dismissed this week by left-wing fact-checkers that claimed the executive order “did not allow China access to the US power grid,” arguing that Trump’s executive order will be reviewed over the remainder of the 90 day period.

However, without any commitment to reinstate the order, the United States remains open to reinstating old policies under the influence of China.

And Biden isn’t exactly known for saying no to China.