Biden Gives Order Telling Schools Not To Stand Up To Child Transition Surgery

( Joe Biden declared on Wednesday that he would be signing an executive order to support the radical gender identity movement in American schools.

The expansive Executive Order (EO) will allocate funds to the Department of Education to establish a new advocacy organization that “issues guidance” on LGBTQI+ policies to “states, school districts, and other educational institutions,” and it will also send resources to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to concentrate on gender identity affirmation services for US students.

The new legislation’s main objective will be to increase children’s access to “gender-affirming” medications and medical procedures.

‘Gender-affirming care,’ which involves dosing kids with cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers, is significantly worsening the situation, according to researchers.

According to the White House statement and “information sheet,” President Biden will sign an executive order advancing equality for LGBTQI+ people today, in honor of Pride Month. The order mandates HHS to collaborate with states to advance increased access to gender-affirming medical care.

The Department of Education must create a new Working Group on LGBTQI+ Children and Families, which will develop legislation for states, school districts, and other educational organizations to support welcoming and safe learning spaces where all students can succeed.

The order would also prohibit “conversion therapy,”—which Merriam Webster defines as “the use of any of various methods (such as aversive stimulation or religious counseling) in an attempt to change a person’s sexual orientation to heterosexual or to change a person’s gender identity to correspond to the sex the person has”—in addition to funding the expansion of the Federal Government’s LGBTQAI+ push.

However, the term “conversion therapy” was broadly defined under the new EO. The Post Millennial claims that once Biden signs the order, even the simple recommendation that a youngster foregoes gender-changing medical operations will be seen to be such and, as a result, practically illegal. School administrators, child counselors, and even medical personnel who receive any type of federal money may face repercussions for refusing to accept the child’s gender preferences.

As if the grooming issue in schools weren’t already bad enough.

Biden recently urged parents in America to “affirm” their children during Transgender Visibility Day, which meant that if a child professes to be someone they are not, parents should nod positively and sign them up for irrevocable medical treatments that will prevent them from living full lives.

With Biden’s latest EO, it’s official – add ‘grooming’ to the Build Back Better plan.