Biden Gives Power To Woman After Clearing $900,000 Payment From Her

( President Joe Biden hardly has the best reputation when it comes to business and political integrity, but wouldn’t you think after being elected to the highest office in the land that he’d…cut it out?

Well, apparently not.

Last week it was revealed that President Joe Biden plans to nominate Amy Gutmann, the University of Pennsylvania president, to become the next United States Ambassador to Germany. The White House announced the news, sparking claims it’s a result of a pay-to-play scheme after the university paid Biden over $911,000 when he left the White House as Vice President in 2017.

President Joe Biden’s financial disclosure documents from 2019 revealed that the University of Pennsylvania appointed him to be a Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor. He was the first person to ever hold the position, meaning it looks as though it was invented just for him, and it came with a pretty hefty salary.

Former President Biden was awarded $371,159 by the University in 2017. In 2018 and 2019, he was given $530,484. That’s a lot of money.

Biden only stepped down from the hugely lucrative position in 2019 when he began the process of running for president.

Over the years he has appeared alongside Gutmann for a number of professional events. Biden also appears to be particularly proud of his position at the university, telling world leaders back in February that he is a professor.

Are you really a professor if you’re appointed based on being a high-profile politician? He’s as much of an academic as his wife “Dr.” Jill Biden…

Not only did Biden make a fortune from the university, but The Biden Center in Washington DC was also made possible with the assistance of the University of Pennsylvania.

So how, exactly, is this appointment of Gutmann to the high-profile position of the United States Ambassador to Germany anything other than pay-to-play?