Biden Goes On Unhinged WWII Rant While Holding Kamala Harris Coffee Mug

( During Joe Biden’s shopping day trip last Tuesday afternoon, he held a short impromptu press gaggle with the reporters who tagged along for the trip. And once again old Joe warned of the “imminent” Russian invasion of Ukraine and the tough response that would face Putin if he tried it, and finally capping it off by telling reporters if Russia invades “it would be the largest invasion since World War II.”

Of course, all Joe’s war talk was hard to take seriously since the entire time he was talking, he was holding onto a coffee mug bearing the face of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Joe’s day trip came as a surprise to White House reporters who, just that afternoon were questioning press secretary Jen Psaki about the President’s schedule for the day.

One reporter who was surprised that Biden’s schedule was empty except for his Presidential Daily Briefing given all that was going on in the world, asked Psaki what else was Joe had on his schedule for the rest of the day.

Rather than say, “We’re sending the President on a day trip to visit shops in Washington while the world talks of war,” Psaki said Biden had some policy meetings in the morning and she thought his afternoon would consist of “remarks review” and “internal meetings and discussions” with “policy experts.”

An hour later Reuters reporter Jeff Mason answered the question Jen Psaki didn’t by tweeting a series of pictures from old Joe’s shopping trip, showing him meandering around boutiques with reporters in tow.

Biden must have behaved himself. Because after his shopping trip, his handlers let him stop for an ice cream cone.

No wonder Jen Psaki didn’t want to get into details about the president’s schedule. Unless the scooper at the ice cream parlor or the Kamala mug-seller is an expert in Ukraine, Joe wasn’t spending the afternoon in “internal meetings” with “policy experts.”