Biden Homeland Security Caught In Money Scandal

( President Joe Biden is continuing his war against regular Americans who don’t subscribe to woke values, with his administration posting a reward of $500,000 to anybody who can point out “violent extremists” currently working in law enforcement.

The reward came from the Department of Homeland Security put the money up from a fund used for research projects designed to identify how violent extremists are infiltrating the nation’s police force.

The problem with the project, however, is that it is being run by Democrats and left-wing ideologues who may well consider normal Republicans – like Trump voters – to be extremists.

The Request for Proposals posted on the Grants.Gov website said that the goal of the fund is to “contribute a comprehensive and extensive understanding of insider threats facing domestic law enforcement agencies.”

“Objectives of this effort will identify high-quality data to understand the risks posed to the United States by the potential for violent extremist organizations or lone actors to infiltrate law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and other government institutions,” it continues.

The news comes after Attorney General Merrick Garland said that the Department of Justice is already performing an internal review to see how it can remove extremists from federal law enforcement ranks, but it still remains unclear what exactly they mean by extremists.

…do they mean Trump supporters?

Attorney General Garland said that they were “being mindful of First Amendment free associated rights” but at the same time they are also “being careful that we don’t have people in our ranks who commit criminal acts or who are not able to carry out their duties.”

Notice how he expertly combines two completely different meanings in that sentence.

“Criminal acts” and those who “are not able to carry out their duties.” What does the latter one mean? There is a lot of scope for Democrats to accuse law enforcement officers of not being able to “carry out their duties” for simply voting Trump.

Remember, we have four more years of this madness.