Biden Is About To Have Taken More Vacation Time Than Any Other President

( It was reported in January that during his first year in office, President Joe Biden spent 28 percent of that time in Delaware. And here we are not six months into his second year in office, and already Joe Biden is on track to spend over five hundred days of his first term away from the White House.

Before old Joe left for his Rehoboth Beach home on Friday, he had already spent 130 days in Delaware, 52 days at Camp David, and six days in Nantucket. If he keeps up this trend, by the end of his first term, Joe could spend as much as 553 days outside of Washington.

In his four years, former President Trump was away from the White House for a total of 381 days. Meanwhile, former President Obama only spent 328 days away from the White House over two terms.

During his two terms in office, George W. Bush spent 1,020 days away from the White House, while former President Bill Clinton was away a total of 345 days during his two terms.

You may recall that President Bush got a great deal of heat for his extensive stays at his ranch in Crawford, Texas while wars were raging in Afghanistan and Iraq.

According to presidential historian Craig Shirley, while Bush’s trips away from the White House weren’t at the same pace as Biden’s, the criticism Bush received should serve as a cautionary tale for the current president.

Of course, the White House defends the president’s weekend trips to Delaware, arguing that no matter where the president is, he is still on the job.

But with consumer prices skyrocketing, inflation at a 40-year-high, and a recession looming, Biden’s frequent weekend jaunts away make for bad optics. Americans are canceling vacation plans over record-high gas prices while Joe Biden is getting photographed walking on the beach in Delaware.

The lack of transparency is a greater reason to be concerned about Biden’s frequent trips to Delaware. Unlike the White House, the visitor logs of the in-person meetings Joe has in Delaware are not publicly available.

Last summer, former press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed requests for the logs of the president’s Delaware visitors, saying the White House wouldn’t provide information on “the comings and goings of the president’s grandchildren.”