Biden Is Trying To Frame Election As A Choice Between Him Or MAGA GOP

( The fight over the midterm elections later this year is already heating up, and now President Joe Biden himself is starting to enter the fray.

As media outlet The Hill reported recently, Biden is trying to contrast the agenda he has for the country with that of Republicans. The president is starting to become sharper and more direct in his attacks in an attempt to convince voters that the White House has a handle on inflation, even though it’s reached record highs recently.

Biden’s shift in stance and approach in attacking the GOP has been a welcome change for Democratic leaders who have encouraged the president to start taking a harder line when discussing Republicans. They believe it’s necessary as the GOP looks primed to retake majorities in possibly both the House and the Senate.

Mike Morey, a Democratic strategist who once served as an aide to Chuck Schumer, the Senate majority leader, said recently:

“Biden needs to make sure every American knows that Republicans have a plan to raises taxes on your small business — and one of the guys responsible for electing more Republicans to Congress is the mastermind behind the plan.

“Biden needs to be aggressive in telling every small landscaper, home bakery, Etsy-based business and home child care company that Republicans don’t think you pay enough in taxes. If they take control of Congress, they will raise your taxes.”

Back in 2020, the president campaigned on being a unifying force for the U.S., but he’s been anything but that since he took office in January 2021. Now, he’s jumping into the fray, trying to be more divisive in speaking poorly on Republicans.

In recent weeks, he’s gone on the attack saying Republicans are embracing the “ultra-MAGA agenda,” referencing the “Make America Great Again” tagline that former President Donald Trump made popular.

The partisan rhetoric isn’t a natural thing for Biden. Though he’s certainly criticized Republicans in the past, he typically tries to be more unifying. Apparently, that’s all changed.

One strategist for the Democratic Party who agrees with Biden’s shift in stance told The Hill:

“Why the f*** would we not do this every single day on repeat? Every day. All day. This is us and that’s them. This is exactly what moves voters, and we’ve failed to figure that out until now.”

What Biden and other Democrats are referring to when they talk about the GOP raising taxes is a proposal by Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott. He released a lengthy proposal earlier in the year that included raising income taxes, as well as sunsetting all legislation passed at the federal level after five years — which would target programs such as Medicaid and Social Security.

Many Republicans have distanced themselves from Scott’s plan, and GOP leadership has turned the attacks on the Biden administration. Emma Vaughn, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, said recently:

“Biden’s lies won’t pay the bills. Biden and his administration’s failed economic agenda are alone to blame for the skyrocketing prices and looming recession Americans are facing. Voters know that Republican-led states are leading in economic recovery and job creation, and will vote for Republicans and our proven agenda come November.”