Biden Is Trying To “Reset” Damaged Relationship With The Saudis

( President Biden will be traveling to Saudi Arabia this month right at a time when the United States’ relationship with the oil-rich kingdom is at its worst, in large part due to Joe Biden.

As part of the Democrat Party’s push to realign the Middle East toward Iran, candidate Joe Biden spent a great deal of time attacking Saudi Arabia, as a “pariah” state.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Saudi Arabia refused a request to speak with Biden as oil prices rose higher after Russia invaded Ukraine.

In his press conference in Spain on Thursday, the president insisted that he would not be asking Saudi leaders to boost oil production when he visits the kingdom, explaining that the crippling price of gas is “not the purpose of the trip.”

The president also explained that his trip to Saudi Arabia wasn’t his idea, but Israel’s, telling reporters that the Israelis thought it was important for Biden to go. He said he is stopping in Saudi Arabia before heading to Israel to meet with Israeli leaders and “affirm the unbreakable bond” between Israel and the United States.

Biden told reporters that his trip to the Middle East isn’t about oil production, but about deepening Israel’s integration in the region which he thinks is good for Israel’s security. He added that this was why it was so important to Israeli leaders that he go to Saudi Arabia.

It’s almost as if Biden is trying to blame Israel for his decision to betray his radical left base by visiting “pariah” Saudi Arabia.

As a way to assure his radical base that he still hates the kingdom, Biden told reporters that he is also going to Saudi Arabia to “reduce the deaths and the war that’s occurring in Yemen.”

According to John Hannah, a former national security advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney, Biden’s virtue-signaling to the progressive Left by turning Saudi Arabia into a pariah may have helped him politically, but it has “backfired miserably when it came to serving US national interests.”

Hannah told Fox News that Biden’s rhetoric “poisoned relations” with the most influential country in the Muslim and Arab world.