Biden Legal Adviser Argued For CCP Style Internet Control

( According to a shocking new report from The National Pulse, Harvard Law School Professor Jack Goldsmith, who is a senior legal advisor to President Joe Biden, has supported an Internet censorship plan akin to what the Chinese Communist Party implemented to control the people of China.

The report explains how Goldsmith, who sits on President Joe Biden’s exploratory commission to “reform” the United States Supreme Court (we all know he means pack the Supreme Court…), argued in August of last year that China was “largely correct” in the debate over freedom versus control of the global network.

He even says that the United States was “wrong.”

There are lots of stories out there about how Biden is connected to the Chinese Communist Party via colleagues who have some loose connection to the CCP, and while some of those are pretty scary, this Goldsmith story is pretty damn terrifying.

In the piece, which is still online at the Atlantic website (click here), Goldsmith says that the public internet in its first 20 years seemed like a good idea for open societies and bad for closed ones. However, Goldsmith then argued that this “conventional wisdom” turned out to be wrong, with China and other authoritarian countries becoming effective at reverse-engineering the internet to take control over their population.

He then claimed, incredibly, that “significant” monitoring and speech control are “inevitable components of a mature and flourishing internet.”

Mature and flourishing? Or is the Internet just giving too much power back to the people and taking it away from the authoritarian state?

Goldsmith then added that governments should “play a large role” in these practices to make sure that the Internet remains “compatible” with the norms and values of a society.

In short, the Internet should be used by the state to control its people.

And this is who President Joe Biden is looking to for advice on the Supreme Court?