Biden Makes BIGGEST Ad Buy EVER, Will “Blitz” Republican Stats

( Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden can’t even leave his basement to accept the nomination from his party, but he still thinks he deserves the vote of millions of Americans. That’s why his campaign has made the biggest ad buy in history, for any presidential campaign, and will be focusing his efforts primarily on red states.

I repeat. A man who refuses to leave his basement even to accept the nomination from his party thinks that millions of Americans should lend him their vote so he can govern the country presumably from the basement in the White House.

The Biden campaign announced on Wednesday that they have made the biggest ad buy in history, pumping some $220 million into TV ads and a further $60 million into social media advertising.

That must be an effort to make up for the fact that the country never really sees Biden as he refuses to do press conferences, refuses to take tough questions, and is expecting to take a massive battering in the upcoming presidential debates.

You can see the strategy here, right?

CBS News reported on how the Biden campaign is looking to blanket at least 15 states which are either considered “battleground” or Republican. These are the places where Biden leads the president by small margins in the polls. The question now is whether the messaging of the ads is good enough to convince people that a candidate who refuses to do anything but scripted interviews is really worth their vote.

The Hill reported that the Biden campaign will continue to run ads in Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania – the six key battleground states – but that they have already made ad buys in the states that Clinton won in 2016. That means the people of Colorado, Virginia, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Minnesota will, unfortunately, be seeing more of Biden’s face on their television screens.

Reports suggest that the ad buy is an attempt at giving Biden several different paths to obtaining victory within the Electoral College. It’s an attempt at cutting Trump off in states where he might win marginally.

But all of this could mean nothing if Biden forgets where he is when he gets on the debate stage in the coming months…