Biden Makes Disturbing Comment During Live Event

( President Joe Biden once again embarrassed himself during one of his livestreams, stumbling at the opening of the live event and appearing completely oblivious as to what was happening.

The live event was a bipartisan meeting of governors to talk about COVID-19 vaccinations, and at the beginning of the stream you can hear the president awkwardly laughing and saying, “I’m just waiting for them to tell me when we get going here since we’re livestreaming this.”

And he was already live.

It took a whole minute for the president to realize he was live.

“I’m supposed to look over here instead of at you guys,” he added, talking to the people he could see on the screen.

And then in true Biden style, the president could be seen later into the meeting reading off a teleprompter.

Why is the president reading from a teleprompter during what should be a meeting and a discussion between the nation’s leaders?

“They can text their zip code to…three…excuse me, I misspoke, their zip code, texted to 438829” he says.

To those who argue that President Biden getting confused during livestreams is not too dissimilar to other professionals having connection troubles during video conferences, consider this: he’s the president of the United States and he never seems to know what he’s doing.

We saw the same during the presidential race, when Biden was regularly seen instructing his camera operators to speed up the teleprompter, and tripping over his words until the words came on the screen.

Is that what we expect from a leader these days?