Biden Nominee Refuses To Answer Whether Racial Discrimination Is Bad

( During her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee last Tuesday, President Biden’s judicial nominee Kenly Kiya Kato refused to answer Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s question on whether or not racial discrimination is wrong.

Kato, Biden’s nominee for US District Judge in California, declined to provide a simple yes or no answer to a pretty basic question. Instead, she told Senator Cruz that the Constitution prohibits discrimination based on race.

But that wasn’t what Cruz asked her. He asked if racial discrimination is wrong. So he asked her again.

Kato skirted the question again, this time saying that as a judge she doesn’t deal with “issues of morality.”

So Cruz asked her if she has any views on whether racial discrimination is wrong.

And again, Kato refused to answer explaining that discrimination “is an issue that is frequently litigated before the courts.”

Shifting gears, Cruz tried another approach, asking Kato why it is the Constitution prohibits racial discrimination.

Kato said she thought it is part of the Constitution and the “nation’s history of aiming for equal justice and treating people regardless of any protected class status equally and fairly.”

Cruz then rephrased her answer as racial discrimination violates the Constitution’s “history of aiming for justice,” and asked her if that was a “fair characterization” of her answer.

Kato declined to say if it was, only saying that racial discrimination is prohibited “under the law.”

Senator Cruz then asked Kato about the current case before the Supreme Court regarding Harvard University’s discrimination against Asian applicants. Cruz asked if she was concerned about discrimination against Asians on college campuses.

But Kato refused to comment.

Watch some of the exchange: