Biden Now Trying To Take Credit For Trump’s Vaccines

( During an event with the CEOs of pharmaceutical companies Merck and Johnson & Johnson, President Joe Biden attempted to take credit for the incredible work done under the Trump administration.

The new president praised the incredibly fast turnaround of the COVID-19 vaccines, which wouldn’t have happened without Trump’s Operation Warp Speed that made billions of dollars available to pharmaceutical companies to develop it in record time.

The event, which took place on March 10, was used by President Biden to promote his “American Rescue Plan,” the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package that wiped out the budget deficits of Democrat-run states and cities.

“You know, that’s why the American Rescue Plan was so critical. I want to thank Speaker Pelosi and the House of Representatives today for passing the bill, and I will be signing it into law shortly,” Biden said. “This bill represents a historic — historic victory for the American people. I look forward to signing it later this week.”

The bill has since been signed, and billions of dollars are now being handed out to non-white farmers solely because they are not white, following Biden’s insistence of prioritizing relief funds to minorities.

Promises made, promises kept, it seems…

Biden praised the two pharmaceutical companies, who used Operation Warp Speed funds, resources, and regulatory relief to develop the vaccines, without even referencing the word the Trump administration put in to make it happen.

“Today, we’re seeing two health companies — competitors — each with over 130 years of experience, coming together to help write a more hopeful chapter in our battle against COVID-19,” Biden said.

The new president also casually pushed the incorrect suggestion that the Trump administration did not have a proper plan in place for vaccine distribution – a lie directly pushed by Vice President Kamala Harris when she claimed that the Biden administration had to “start from scratch.”

A lie that even Dr. Anthony Fauci set straight.

“You know, when we came into office, we began working with the team at J&J to accelerate and add capacity to their manufacturing and production efforts,” Biden said.

By the way, if you do a “CTRL+F” search on the transcript of his speech, you’ll find the phrase “You know” four times.

That’s what President Biden says when he’s not sure what he’s going to say next, or when the teleprompter hasn’t scrolled quickly enough.