Biden Officials Claim COVID-19 Investigation Turned Up Blank To Find Source

( Back in May, President Biden ordered his intelligence community to “redouble their efforts” looking into the origins of COVID-19 then report back to him in ninety days with their findings.

Many believed that this was a signal that the Biden administration was finally holding China to account for the pandemic it unleashed on the world. At the same time, some believed this order to the intel community was nothing more than Kabuki theater. After all, if your efforts amount to zero, redoubling zero still gives you zero.

Well, Tuesday, the intel community provided the President with its classified report and guess what?

It was Kabuki.

These so-called “intelligence” officials concluded that they were not able to identify the origins of the COVID virus.

Great work, team! Expect a fruit basket from President Xi in the near future!

According to the Washington Post, two officials familiar with the report said that the findings were “inconclusive” and this crack team in charge of national intelligence weren’t able to point to an exact source for the virus – not whether it developed naturally as part of a species jump or if it leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The officials told the Post that at some point the intel community would move to declassify components of the report. Components. Sure.

The truth is, this news is hardly a shock.

Back in June, Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines admitted to Yahoo News that the intel community would probably never have “high confidence” on where COVID-19 originated.

“We’re hoping to find a smoking gun,” Haines claimed, adding that it was challenging to do it.

Yeah, especially when you really don’t want to look for the smoke.

Perhaps part of the problem is the Biden administration’s willingness to believe that China would cooperate if only the US added “pretty please” to the request.

There is not one single benefit to China, or the World Health Organization for that matter, to openly, transparently permit this kind of investigation to happen. And since the Biden administration as a whole is unwilling to put any kind of pressure on China, this “redoubled effort” was doomed to fail from the start.