Biden Officials Were Reportedly Happy Trump Won Key Court Battle

( An incredible new report from the New York Times says that some members of President Joe Biden’s administration felt “relief: after the United States Supreme Court forced the government to reverse course and reinstate some of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

The report revealed how Biden administration officials were overwhelmed with the bad press coming from the massive explosion in illegal immigration coming over the southern border, and that the reinstatement of Trump-era policies ultimately helped them.

The Times said that while it “looked like a major defeat for President Biden” when the Supreme Court forced the government to reinstate the Trump-era policies, the decision was actually “quietly greeted with something other than dismay.”

Biden officials, an anonymous source told The Times, said it “brought some measure of relief.”

The far-left news outlet admitted that President Joe Biden’s decisions to loosen the reins on migration quickly caused a “surge of people heading north” that ultimately overwhelmed the southern border – something the Biden administration still barely ever admits or acknowledges.

Some Biden officials were even reportedly considering bringing back President Donald Trump’s border policies in a limited way to deter continued migration into the United States, according to sources who chose to remain anonymous. Those same sources said that the Biden administration had internal debates about whether or not to revive those policies, but that it was ultimately the Supreme Court that decided it for them.

The full New York Times report is available here.

Alan Bersin, previously the United States Customs and Border Protection commissioner during the Obama administration, told the outlet that Biden’s decision to reverse Trump-era policies so quickly was the reason why the number of people crossing the border increased so rapidly, and that it was “not unpredictable and is very sad to watch.”

No kidding.

Does anyone else wonder whether any of those liberal Supreme Court justices were asked privately by the Biden administration to reinstate the policies, so Biden didn’t have to do it himself and admit that he was wrong?