Biden Panics, Plans Visit To Kenosha & FINALLY Denounces Riots (But Not Antifa)

( Remember when Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was pretending the riots weren’t happening? Labeling them peaceful protesters? Well ever since the polls switched and now favor President Donald Trump, he’s performed a full u-turn and is now denouncing the riots.

Well, he’s denouncing riots in a vague, catch-all way. He won’t call out Black Lives Matter or Antifa, presumably because he knows they’ll be voting for him. Biden is also reportedly planning a visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where his supporters have burned down the black business district and caused unprecedented chaos and destruction in the name of “racial justice.”

Biden’s presidential campaign announced on Wednesday that Biden would be visiting the city, and that he will also appear in a new “nationwide” TV ad campaign in which he will denounce the violence.

A report from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel said that Biden is set to visit Kenosha on Thursday. Previously Biden said that he wouldn’t appear in any city affected by violence, but since President Trump visited the city and pledged tens of millions of dollars to help protect citizens and support businesses destroyed by Biden’s supporters, the Democrats don’t have much of a choice but to turn up too.

The question now is…how will Biden spin the story to make Trump look bad? The president won Wisconsin in 2016 in his historic victory, despite the state voting for Democrat presidential candidates for decades. Now, Biden wants to win the state back, but that’s hard to do when far-left Democrat voters are burning down businesses there.

Should Biden turn up to Kenosha on Thursday, it will be the first time he even entered the state not just during his campaign…but since 2012. As you probably know, he’s spent most of his time in the basement of his Delaware home. A real man of the people!

Biden will be supported by his wife, Jill Biden, during the visit. He is expected to hold a community meeting to “bring together Americans to heal and address the challenges we face,” his campaign said in a statement. Then, he’ll make a “local stop” with his wife.

It will be accompanied by a “national ad blitz,” which will presumably include some new twisted way of making it sound like Trump is responsible for the far-left protests.