Biden Picks Chinese Sympathizer To Head Department Of Defense

( Shocking new reports reveal how Colin Kahl, picked by President Joe Biden to become the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, once led a Stanford University center and had a long relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. Kahl also reportedly has a relationship with the People’s Liberation Army and attended conferences that were sponsored by the communist Chinese government.

What is it with Joe Biden and appeasing China? Just last month, the new president appeared at a CNN town hall in Milwaukee and defended China’s Uighur concentration camps by insisting that different nations have different “cultural norms.”

The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (NCUSCR) published a report in March 2007 which revealed how CISAC hosted fellows from a number of Chinese government and military-linked bodies, including some previously identified by the FBI for espionage.

“CISAC hosts visiting fellows from numerous foreign countries, including a number of Chinese scholars in residence with the Project on Peace and Cooperation. […] Fellows coming from China to the Project on Peace and Cooperation at CISAC have come from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, the China Academy of Engineering Physics (the Ninth Academy), the Central Party School, the National Defense University, and the Foreign Ministry,” the report says.

One such body was the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, which was labeled by the FBI as a “front group for Chinese intelligence collection and overseas spy recruitment.”

A conference hosted by the Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Ministry also welcomed CISAC in 2017, with Thomas Fingar, a fellow of the organization, proclaiming the “years-long exchanges between CISAC and CIIS.”

Chinese attendees of the conference reportedly came from a number of institutions from China, including the China Defense Science and Technology Information Center, the Renmin University of China, National Defense University, CIIS, PLA Rocket Force, and the Rocket Force College.

This isn’t the first time President Joe Biden has appointed somebody to his cabinet with links to China, or with views that do not represent the anxiety most Americans have about working with the communist country.

CNBC reported in February that Biden filled his cabinet with “Asia experts,” but many of those experts are just China apologists.

In November, then-President-elect Joe Biden nominated Jake Sullivan to be his White House National Security Advisor, despite the Obama administration alum having made a speech in June 2017 praising China and saying the United States should “encourage China’s rise.”