Biden Press Secretary Gets Cornered On Camera

( After Vice President Kamala Harris visited the funeral of Tyre Nichols, who died as a result of a police-related beating, Newsmax’s lead White House reporter James Rosen questioned Jean-Pierre about how the White House chooses which families to contact after a tragedy.

Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, was questioned by Rosen, and he asked why the White House did not get in touch with the family of murdered Pennsylvania police chief John McIntire. After being shot on Jan. 3 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by 28-year-old Aaron Lamont Swan, McIntire was killed instantaneously. Another policeman was shot in the leg.

The incident raises concerns about how the Biden White House chooses which tragedies and crimes warrant the president or vice president giving them high-level attention.

Rosen noted that In addition to Nichols’ funeral, Biden phoned the parents of injured NFL player Damar Hamlin, a cornerback for the Buffalo Bills.

Just before entering the briefing room today, Rosen checked the White House website, and he found no evidence that the president had ever contacted the family of Justin McIntire, a father of four who served as the police chief of Brackenridge, Pennsylvania and was fatally shot while on duty.

“Why not?” Rosen asked.

In response, Jean-Pierre created a word salad that was unresponsive.

“If you look at this president, who has been a senator for thirty-six years, who has been a vice president for eight years, and who has been clearly finishing up his two years in the presidency thus far… If you know Joe Biden, you know that he feels the pain of many families who have lost loved ones because he knows what that means.”

But he didn’t call.

“You’ve highlighted one family in particular, and I understand why you’re highlighting that family in particular, but there have been many families that he has contacted to give his sympathies and to offer his support and assistance in any way,” Jean-Pierre said.

The elephant in the room appears Biden chooses who he calls based on what will score him the most political points.