Biden Returns To White House

( President Joe Biden returned to the White House at noon on Monday, following an extended weekend vacation at his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

While millions of Americans await the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package and the $2,000 checks that Biden promised during the campaign, the president’s only appearance over the past few days was attending mass with his grandchildren Hunter and Natalie.

Most other working Americans couldn’t get away with neglecting their duties and then turning up for work at lunchtime on Monday, so why should the president?

Biden returned just in time for more discussions with his colleagues in government and the Senate on the $1.9 trillion relief package that also won’t include the $15 minimum wage bump that his party has been promising for years.

Before leaving the White House for the weekend, Biden offered brief comments on the passage of the COVID relief bill in the Democrat-controlled House, which occurred on Friday night.

Democrats will use reconciliation to pass the bill, meaning they only need a majority vote and don’t need to win over Republicans to get the job done. And so far, no Republicans support the bill.

It means that the bill is likely to be passed this week, though Senate Democrats have confirmed they expect it to be signed by President Biden by March 14. It would mean that new relief in the form of direct cash payments will be made available to Americans before unemployment benefits expire.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki encouraged legislators to pass the COVID relief bill on Monday during a press conference in which she reminded the American public that there were just 14 days before unemployment insurance benefits expired for as many as 11 million Americans.

Beyond providing direct cash relief to millions of Americans, the pricey and lengthy new COVID package includes an expansion on ObamaCare. The plan promises low-income people access to marketplace insurance policies significantly cheaper than they are now, but Republicans insist it will raise prices across the board and lower the standard of care.

The bill also puts pressure on 12 states that have still not used Affordable Care Act funding to expand the eligibility for Medicaid.

And while the deal is being hashed out in the Senate, with Republicans now unable to have their say, at least President Biden is enjoying time off at home…