Biden Says DON’T Vote for Him If You Believe Tara Reade

( Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told MSNBC on Thursday that if you believe Tara Reade, you shouldn’t vote for him. That’s exactly the kind of fighting talk we expect to hear from a man vying for the public’s trust…

During an interview with Lawrence O’Donnell on The Last Word, Biden referenced the allegations made against him by former Senate staffer Tara Reade. It is alleged that in 1993, Biden accosted Reade in a corridor and sexually assaulted her by touching and kissing her, and penetrating her with his fingers without her consent.

Knowing that the accusations haven’t gone away, and if anything they have been lent more credibility by the sheer number of people coming forward to back up Reade’s story, O’Donnell asked the former vice president what he would say to the people struggling to believe him when he says he didn’t do it.

“I think they should vote their heart, and if they believe Tara Reade, they probably shouldn’t vote for me,” he said. “I wouldn’t vote for me if I believed Tara Reade.”

In fairness, Biden is showing respect to Reade, but only because he’s bound by his promise to believe all women. That promise has come back to haunt Biden, forcing him now to express his wish for Reade to be heard, even when he insists he didn’t do it. Instead of simply saying Reade is lying, Biden regularly points to the fact that he believes her story frequently changes.

“The fact is, look at Tara Reade’s story. It changes considerably,” he said. “And so, but I don’t want to question her motive. I don’t want to question anything, other than to say, the truth matters. This is being vetted. It’s been vetted.”

The only problem with that is Biden refuses to give people access to his Senate records to see whether Reade really did file a complaint against him. Reade insists she did, Biden insists she didn’t, but nobody knows because his Senate records are stored away in the University of Delaware.

“They went and people interviewed scores of my employees over my whole career,” Biden added. “This is just totally, thoroughly, completely out of character, and the idea that in a public place, in a hallway, I would assault a woman…I promise you, it never happened,” he added.

Notice how he doesn’t say she’s lying?

No evidence proves Reade right at this point, but the story highlights inconsistencies in the Democrats’ platform. If they want to believe all women when they accuse Republicans, they should believe all women who accuse Democrats.