Biden Says Exposure Of Monkeypox Is Concerning

( In his first public comments on the disease, President Biden called the spread of monkeypox in the United States and Europe a concern. According to reports, the president went on to say that the disease’s spread could be significant and that physicians should be on high alert. Millions of monkeypox vaccinations, which also protect against smallpox, were recently ordered by the US government at the cost of $119 million.

Some European countries have already reported the spread of monkeypox. The first monkeypox case was discovered in the United States last Wednesday. After a case was verified in Israel on May 22, the sickness had spread to a third continent.
According to the CDC, the smallpox-like disease has symptoms similar to chickenpox and is deadly in less than 10% of cases. It is typically prevalent in West and Central Africa, yet physicians believe the current outbreak was aggravated by nearly 80,000 people attending a gay fetish festival in Europe. The festival is being investigated as a possible “superspreader event,” according to experts.
A Spanish newspaper revealed that several of the three dozen people diagnosed in Madrid, Spain attended the event, according to a health source. But it is still unclear if one of them is the outbreak’s cause or if they all became infected there. Some medical specialists believe the latest strain is being spread through sexual contact.
In his first public comments on the epidemic, Biden stated monkeypox was a concern in that if it spreads, it would be devastating. He then claimed he wasn’t informed of the extent of the exposure yet, but it’s something everyone should be concerned about.
According to reports, the U.S. government has placed a $119 million order for a monkeypox vaccine produced by Swedish biotech company Bavarian Nordic. The first known case of the current monkeypox outbreak was detected in the United Kingdom on May 7 in a person that had traveled to Nigeria. There are over 100 confirmed cases in Europe as of May 22, while the WHO has warned that the world can expect more cases.