Biden Says He’s Sorry To CNN

( After he lost his cool with CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins during the Post-Putin Summit press conference, President Joe Biden offered his apologies for being “such a wise guy.”

Here is the press conference exchange in question:

While speaking to reporters on his way to board Air Force One, Biden said he owed Collins an apology for how he answered her question.

But during this presser, another reporter asked a similar question of Biden – namely was he being “overly optimistic” in his expectations of Putin. This time Biden was able to keep his cool. He countered by saying that “to be a good reporter, you’ve gotta be negative.”

Biden went on to gripe “You never ask a positive question.”

If Biden thinks repeatedly being asked about his choice of ice cream flavor is getting negative questions, maybe he should live in Donald Trump’s skin for a day.

What are the odds that during the limo ride from the Summit to the airport, Biden was told by his team to apologize for publicly popping off at Collins?

The press has treated President Biden like a precious Fabergé egg since he garnered the Democrat nomination last summer. The last thing his staff want is any rift developing between him and his overly supportive press corps.

During his presser at Air Force One, Biden laid on the praise for the reporters with him, calling them “the brightest people in the country.”

Then again, Joe Biden also considers his son Hunter “the smartest man I know.”

But rather than set their hair on fire over Biden’s treatment of Collins, the same people who went into a rage over Trump’s treatment of reporters threw Collins under the bus and defended the President.

On Twitter, Caleb Hull ran side-by-side screenshots of Vox Twitter troll Aaron Rupar’s hypocritical reactions to Trump versus Biden regarding Kaitlan Collins. In a tweet from May 2020, Rupar posted a video of an exchange between Collins and Trump claiming “Trump throws a fit” after Collins asks him a question then “abruptly ends the press conference.”

In response to Biden throwing a fit when Collins asked him a question, Rupar tweeted “It would’ve served Biden better not to lose his temper with Kaitlan Collins. But” (of course there’s a “but”) “the problem with her question is she put words in Biden’s mouth that he didn’t say.”

Rupar wasn’t the only one to give Biden a pass.

Her own network, CNN, brought Kaitlan Collins on air to accept Biden’s later apology.