Biden Says Putin In “Real Trouble” – Proceeds To Taunt Him

( During a speech to the United States intelligence community on Tuesday, President Joe Biden attempted to play down Russia’s military and economic might, though didn’t play down the dangerous nature of Putin’s leadership.

Biden gave the speech at the office of the Director of National Intelligence for the first time since being “elected” to the White House, and slammed Putin’s national economy for depending on oil. He also issued stark warnings to Vladimir Putin about the ongoing cyberattacks coming from Russia and directed towards American businesses and government.

President Joe Biden is always trying to talk tough to Russia, and it usually doesn’t land. This is another example of that.

If Biden thinks Russia is weak because it is dependant on oil, then why did he cancel the Keystone XL pipeline contract with Canada and support a Russian pipeline instead?

The president said that Biden “knows he’s in trouble and that makes him more dangerous.”

He added that Putin is sitting on an economy that has oil wealth, nuclear weapons, and “nothing else.” He added that the economy is “like the eighth smallest in the world now” before correcting himself and saying “largest.”

Come on, Biden. If you’re going to trash talk, you can’t get your sentences wrong.

Biden then seemed to indicate that the United States may end up in a new war with Russia, stating that if America ends up in a “real shooting war with a major power” then it will likely be the rest of a cyberattack.

Great. So America could be heading to a literal war with Russia with a man with failing cognitive health in charge.

You can watch him give the address here.