Biden Screams That He “Beat Pharma This Year”

( It took Joe Biden less than a year to go from the “Pandemic of the unvaccinated” to shrieking, “we beat pharma this year!”

According to reports, Joe Biden shouted that he “fought pharma this year” during a Labor Day address in Milwaukee on Monday, even though he gave the pharmaceutical industry billions in record profits by seeking to impose vaccine mandates. In a subsequent speech in Pittsburgh, Biden repeated his ridiculous statement.

How much money from the American taxpayers was given to Big Pharma as they forced people to participate in an unsuccessful research experiment?

Joe Biden didn’t surprise Americans when he slammed former President Donald Trump and his MAGA followers when speaking to a gathering in Wisconsin on Labor Day. But when he mentioned pharmaceutical firms like Pfizer and Moderna, things got weird. Biden described how he defeated Big Pharma, and people’s lives will change thanks to “us.”

“Finally, we defeated Pharma!” He yelled, waiting for approval from the small audience of zombies.

Joe Biden claimed that we pay more for our prescription pharmaceuticals in the United States of America than any significant country in the world and that Big Pharma fought against lower medicine pricing for people on Medicare or anywhere else for many years.
Video reports show Joe Biden sputtered that not every Republican is a MAGA Republican. He said Republicans don’t all subscribe to such a “radical” philosophy. He then claimed to have spent his whole professional life working with mainstream Republicans. In his usual slurred speech, he claimed that the hardline MAGA Republicans in Congress had decided to retreat and spread hatred, violence, and division.

According to a report, Biden’s remarks about taking on Big Pharma came soon after both Pfizer and Moderna had record years.

Both firms’ 2021 annual reports showed Moderna made $12.2 billion in profit, and Pfizer, which had a ton of backing from celebrities and politicians, made an incredible $21.9 billion. The government also gave Moderna $10 billion in taxpayer funds for the creation of vaccines.
That is how you “defeat Big Pharma.”