Biden Silent After Suicide Bomb Threat Made Targeting D.C.

( According to a recent report, late last year the Taliban warned the United States that it would deploy two thousand suicide bombers to Washington DC if the Biden administration proceeded with a plan to post the same number of US military personnel at the US embassy in Kabul.

According to the report from the Middle East Media Research Institute, a watchdog group that tracks jihadi communications and media reports, the Taliban issued this warning to US officials during the ongoing talks in Doha, Qatar last year.

The Taliban has objected to the US keeping any military presence in Afghanistan after the Biden administration’s bungled withdrawal in late August. According to the report, if the US does send military personnel back into Afghanistan, the Taliban said it would respond by sending a brigade of suicide bombers to the Afghan embassy in Washington DC.

The Taliban also said it intended to create a new branch of special forces within the Afghan National Army made up entirely of suicide bombers.

That’s one special forces unit that will have a lot of personnel turnover.

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, Zabihullah Mujahid, a veteran Taliban terrorist now leader within the Taliban government, boasted in a recent interview of the Ishtishhad Kandaks (martyrdom-seeking battalions) that will become a part of their armed forces. These Special Forces suicide bombers would be organized under the defense ministry and will be used in special operations.

Yet these are the people the Biden administration thinks it can negotiate with.

Worse still, this is the government the Biden administration just this week promised to send an additional $308 million in humanitarian aid.

Since the US bugged out of Afghanistan and let these terrorists take control, American taxpayers have sent $782 million in humanitarian assistance to that country.

In December, the Biden administration announced that it would lift some restrictions on the type of aid humanitarian organizations can provide to Afghanistan to support educational programs, including paying teachers’ salaries.

The Taliban government is not internationally recognized. But still, this administration is engaging in “talks” with the Taliban government.