Biden SILENT As His Supporters Violent Attack Elderly People And FAMILIES In Washington, D.C.

( On Saturday evening as tens of thousands of Trump supporters peacefully marched through the streets of Washington, D.C., gangs of far-left Democrats viciously attacked innocent people. Extensive video footage from the event shows Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists taunting Trump supporters, punching people, pushing people to the ground, and even stamping on the head of one conservative.

The overwhelming amount of footage showing left-wing activists viciously attacking people, including elderly people and families with children, was ignored by mainstream media outlets and, notably, by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The footage showed how far-left activists are still refusing to back down, even after the mainstream media called the presidential election for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

In one piece of footage, crowds of far-left extremists could be seen throwing fireworks and explosive mortars at people in a restaurant.

In another clip, a young girl can be seen crying and holding on to a man for protection as violent left-wing extremists throw projectiles and water bottles at them.

The most disturbing piece of footage shows Antifa punching a man in the side of his head, and then stomping on his head after he hit the ground. The man was lifted up by other Trump supporters, revealing a severely bloodied face.

Biden said nothing about any of the violence, nor did he call on his supporters to stop attacking Trump supporters – which is an interesting decision, given how much Biden has been talking about “unity” and “healing” lately.

It’s almost as if the only unity they want is submission to their agenda…