Biden Team Trying To FORCE Transition Of Power, Despite Election Results Not Being Confirmed

( Even though the results of the 2020 presidential election have not yet been confirmed, and nobody actually knows who has won, the Joe Biden camp is reportedly attempting to force the transition of power before the courts have even had a say. Biden’s team is said to be considering legal action to force the White House to initiate formal transition proceedings, even while the Trump campaign is filing lawsuits in several battleground states that could ultimately stop Biden from winning.

It’s part of a wider attempt at forcing Republicans into submission and give up their attempts to ensure election integrity by discounting any illegal votes cast in the election.

President Donald Trump has refused to concede because of hundreds of affidavits having been signed alleging voter fraud in several battleground states, meaning that the usual concession and formal transition of power have not moved ahead. In a typical election, without so many serious allegations, that concession is made within 24 hours of the media declaring victory for one candidate.

However, the General Services Administration has refused to give the Biden team access to $6.3 million in federal funding to assist the transition of power. Refusing to sign any concession also means that classified information is not handed over to the Biden camp, which could prove problematic if Biden ultimately does not win.

The refusal by the GSA to formally sign off on a transition also means that the Biden camp will not have access to the State Department, stopping them from making calls to foreign leaders.

Democrats consider this an abuse by the Trump camp, but handing over these powers to a highly partisan political team that has not even been declared the winners of this election risks the sharing of classified information that should not be seen by anybody outside of government.

A Biden transition official reportedly told the press that there are a “number of levers on the table” and that “all options are certainly available.”

Legal action is also “certainly a possibility,” according to the official, who spoke to the Associated Press under the condition of anonymity. “It’s a changing situation and certainly rather fluid,” they added.

President Donald Trump insisted on Tuesday that he is making “big progress” with their lawsuits and that results will start to come in next week.

“WE WILL WIN!” he added.

Could the results of this race be very different by next week?