Biden Tries To Blame Texas And Florida For COVID Surge After Flooding U.S. With Unvaccinated Illegals

( In an effort to prove that he is not politicizing the COVID response, President Biden decided to politicize the COVID response – namely attacking two very popular Republican governors who refuse to bend to Biden’s fearmongering dictates.

During a press event on Tuesday, Biden blamed Texas and Florida for the rise in COVID cases in the US. He denounced Governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott for what he claimed were the bad policies of not mandating masks or vaccinations. Then, because Biden loves to play the tough guy, demanded that they either help him or “get out of the way of people who are trying to do the right thing.”

If Joe Biden thinks Abbott and DeSantis are the reason he has completely bungled his COVID response, his mind is further gone that we thought.

What of course makes Biden’s accusations all the more absurd is the fact that this president has flung the southern border wide open to COVID-positive illegal aliens that he is shipping into the US interior.

Biden, however, failed to comprehend that his tough guy act only works on squishy RINO Republicans who are too gentlemanly to punch back.

And Ron DeSantis is not a squishy RINO.

DeSantis quickly responded to Biden’s accusations by pointing out that mandated restrictions have “failed time and time again through this pandemic.”

After a speech discussing Florida’s economy, DeSantis closed by taking a blowtorch to Biden’s COVID response, and it was a thing of beauty – telling Biden repeatedly, that if he is coming after the freedom of Floridians, then DeSantis is going to stand in his way.


DeSantis took the President apart brick-by-brick. And closing with Biden’s disastrous border crisis was flat-out perfect.

The White House was clearly rattled by how completely DeSantis dismantled the weak, incompetent Biden. After that epic takedown, Biden pretended that DeSantis was a nobody.

Notice the reporters loved Biden’s “Governor who?” The Democrat-supporting media know that DeSantis is a major threat, and all they have left is mocking him as unimportant. But their relentless attacks on him betray the truth.

Once again, DeSantis hit back at Biden ten times as harder.

The Biden White House clearly never learned that you never pick a fight you cannot win.