Biden Wants To Make It Illegal To “Ban” The Same Procedure He Claims “Isn’t Happening” 

( President Biden has vowed to make it illegal to ban something he assured everyone wasn’t happening. 

Joe Biden has said it is “close to sinful” to try to prevent transgender youngsters from receiving gender-affirming surgery, something that, until 5 minutes ago, he claimed, “wasn’t a thing.” 

Aiming for Ron DeSantis’s “repressive policies” in Florida, the US president called for the passage of federal legislation to defend transgender rights. 

In a rare interview due to air on Monday night, President Biden criticized Florida Governor Rick Scott’s plan to restrict transgender medical procedures in the state for anyone under 18. 

Biden said his mom would tell you that what’s happening in Florida is “close to sinful.” 

What they’re doing is terrible, Mr. Biden said on The Daily Show. 

Biden said it’s not like a child wakes up one morning and says, ‘You know, I decided I wanted to become a man or a woman.’ 

Just what are they trying to accomplish here, anyway, Biden carped. 

I can’t quite put my finger on it for some reason, but…” It’s heartless. 

The president’s stance on the matter has been made quite clear. When hosting a group of trans activists at the White House at the end of 2017, he called it “immoral” for Republican states to restrict transgender therapy for minors. 

The Biden administration proclaimed prohibiting conversion therapy and providing more rights for transgender minors. 

The president’s remarks coincided with a record number of bills restricting Gay rights being submitted in state legislatures this year. 

Some proposed laws aim to prevent transgender persons from participating in sports or using toilets that correspond with their gender identification. 

Mr. Biden also expressed his support for same-sex marriage in the interview, saying that he had an “epiphany” as a young man when he saw two “well-dressed guys” kissing outside an office building in Delaware. 

It’s ingrained in my memory: I gazed up at my father. Joey, it’s not hard, he told me. “They’re really in love,” he said. 

Just another one of Biden’s tall tales that is very implausible.